5-Game Plan

All-You-Can-Eat Baseball

• The perfect family plan
• Our BEST five games of the season
• Weekend games, fireworks and theme nights

• Free unlimited food and drinks
• Free Florence Flamingos hat
• Loads of fun

**Dugout Box Seats Sold Out! Limited Reserved Seats Available**


FREE Hat with each ticket plan bought!

The 5-Game Ticket Plan


At every game you attend with your 5-game plan tickets, you'll get all the hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, chips, cookies, ice cold Cokes and bottled water you want throughout the night. You can leave your wallet at home. Just relax and enjoy the game.

By Mitchell Lister, President Florence Flamingos 

It sounds crazy doesn’t it?  

Unlimited food and drinks all game long? 

Our 5-game All-You-Can-Eat plans were our most popular plan ever in our first season at Carolina Bank Field.  And, we’re bringing them back for year #2.  With 13 sellouts in 2022 and all kinds of buzz surrounding the new stadium and the team, we expect 2023 to be even bigger. 

When you come to a Florence Flamingos game with a 5-game plan, you get dinner on us. So does your family and your friends.  You want 15 hot dogs? Sure, go ahead. Craving 12 ice cold sodas? No problem. Can't resist eating 20 chocolate chip cookies? That's fine too. 

You can enjoy unlimited hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, chips, cookies, ice cold Coca-Cola products and bottled water all game long. No extra cost – it comes with the price of the ticket. 

"We had the 5-game ticket package last year and we enjoyed the games as a family with our 2 year old so much that we had to get them again!"

Florence Flamingos Plan Holder

"Our first season was this year and we bought the 5 game deal. My 9 year old loves baseball! He had a blast running around catching foul balls and watching the game! We enjoyed the experience as a family!"

Florence Flamingos Plan Holder

For More Information

To reserve your 5-game plan, click here or call our ticket office at (843) 413-2833

You can visit our team office and purchase tickets in-person.

Team Office Address:
1951 Pisgah Rd., Room 130
Florence, SC 29501