Florence Flamingos Walk of Fame

Reggie Sanders is a Florence native and spent 17 years in the MLB.

Orlando Hudson is a Darlington native who spent ten years in the MLB.

The Florence Flamingos created a Florence baseball Walk of Fame at Carolina Bank Field to honor the tremendous history of baseball in the Florence region, recognizing players who grew up here, may have played professionally here over the years or may reside here now.

Fans can suggest players by filling out the form below! We want to hear who our community believes should be on our Walk of Fame!

Nominees should have made a significant impact on the baseball community in the Pee Dee region and meet one of the following criteria; 1) having been born in Florence, 2) played in Florence, either professionally or in summer collegiate baseball or 3) lived in Florence at some point in their lives.

You can pick not only players but also great teams, or other influential baseball figures related to the Florence community.

Fill out the form below to submit your suggestions!

Kevin Youkilis, a former Florence Redwolf, spent 9 years in the MLB.

Akeem Bostick is a Florence native who made his Major League debut in 2021.