» Name the Mascot

The Florence Flamingos mascot is here and he needs a name!

Our feathered pink friend stands 7’ 8” tall and comes to us from the faraway land of Flamingoville, Chile.  He was accidentally lost when a traveling zoo train stopped in Florence due to a traffic accident near Carolina Bank Field.

Zoo authorities reported that the flamingo wandered off the train looking for his favorite food - bacon and bananas.  Reports indicated the flamingo heard a local talking about the Bananas and Bacon coming to Carolina Bank Field and he couldn’t resist checking things out.

He quickly took up residence at the ballpark in the Budweiser Lagoon and refused to leave so we’ve adopted him.  His favorite foods are still Bacon and Bananas and has sampled Blowfish, Marlin and Chili-Pepper.  He hates Shark and has some long-time friends that are Zookeepers so he should feel right at home here in Florence.

However, he needs a name so submit your suggestion for a name for our new mascot and we’ll introduce him to Florence in person on Friday, May 27th at the Florence After Five Celebration downtown.